White Cop Pulls Over Grieving Black Man For Speeding And Instead Of Shooting Him Drives Him 100 Miles


Not how you usually expect stuff like this to go down.

I can’t really imagine anything worse than being told my little sister had been killed in a car crash and being stranded hundreds of miles away from my family, except for maybe what happened to Mark Ross.

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Ross found out at 3am that his 15 year old sister had been killed and he was stranded miles away from Detroit without a licence and no way to get home quickly. Thankfully, his friend offered to drive him back home despite the fact that his licence was suspended, but things got even worse for Ross when his friend was pulled over for speeding in Ohio and sent to jail, with the car also getting towed.

Amazingly though – especially when you see so many black men being shot for no reason by white cops – the arresting officer Sgt David Robison offered to drive Ross over 100 miles to get to his family:

What an absolute hero and thoroughly good guy. Why can’t there be more police officers in the United States like Robison, instead of all the assholes that go around shooting people for absolutely no good reason? He should get a medal or something.

Robison has now been invited to the funeral of the girl after he was invited by the family and who knows what his gesture might have done for race relations in the United States? Probably not much in truth, but everything helps so there is that at least.

Remember this American cop’s treatment of a German kid he caught speeding? Absolutely despicable.


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