Here’s What Would Happen If Donald Trump Got Assassinated Today

Donald Trump assissinated

Preparing for the worst.

As we all know, the big day has finally arrived – Donald Trump’s inauguration. Out of all his predecessors, it’s safe to say that Trump is at the highest risk for assassination. A lot of people want him dead.

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Some news outlets in the US are so prepared for the situation that they’re already running stories on what would happen if someone were to end Trump’s reign before it even began. Much to many people’s outrage, CNN just ran a story highlighting the vulnerable period between President Obama’s resignation and Trump taking the oath of office.

Earlier this week they posted a piece titled ‘Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office’, explaining what would happen if disaster struck on the day. Here’s the video report to go with the story:

They’re basically discussing who will take control if Trump or other members of government get killed today. Pretty strange programming and I’m sure nothing like this has ever been made about a previous President’s inauguration ceremony. Just goes to show how much everyone is predicating a disaster to unfold. Bad times.

Then again, at least they’re prepared. When you’ve already got people setting themselves on fire to protest Trump, God knows what’s going to happen tonight. Hopefully nothing too tragic.


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