A Deep Web GoFundMe Has Been Set Up To Raise Money For Donald Trump’s Assassination


Watch out Trump.

As we all know, you can find all kinds of fucked up shit on the deep web – everything from child porn to human experiment sites.

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Another key reason people go searching on this dark side of the internet is to order an assassinator and it looks like people are making good use of this service following the results of the recent US election.

One group of anonymous people are so disgruntled at the idea of Donald Trump and Mike Pence being the new President and Vice President, that they’ve actually set up a website on the dark web in order to raise money and gain information for organising and carrying out the assassination of them both. Crazy shit.


The nature of the deep web means that users can carry out their crimes without detection, hence why it’s the home for many murderers and paedophiles. The same confidentiality has been applied to the people who set up this fund – because their IP addresses are hidden, it’s impossible to trace who accessed it.

The Trump-Pence assassination plot page includes a picture of both men alongside a gun and calls their policies “dangerous.” Another image has crosshairs over Trump’s face. Chilling stuff. It states:

As you are all well aware, the consequences of having Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the leaders of the free world is extremely dangerous.

The political, environmental and social consequences will change the United States for the worst. 

It adds that Trump and Pence have encouraged white supremacy (which they have) and added:

Trying to eliminate other Americans of different origins cannot be tolerated.


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But most shocking of all about this site is that the person or people who launched it, claims they are part of a, “well known organisation.”

We have several assets in different branches of government, security and even some working in secret services.

Unfortunately, the plan we need to implement requires a lot of money to pay for equipment, bribes and also to pay those assets.

Scary shit – well, it is for Trump and Pence anyway. The problem is, I don’t think the US has ever voted in a political candidate quite so dangerous as Trump and now that he’s surrounding himself with absolute nutjobs, there are going to be people who want to end his reign before he causes too much trouble.

Whether anything comes from this is yet to be seen. If I were Trump, I wouldn’t be riding around in any open top cars for a while.

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