Wetherspoons Will Slash Beer Prices If Brexit Happens On October 31st

Good news.

The Brexit debacle continues to drag on as we wait to see whether we’ll leave on October 31st without a deal, as Boris Johnson stares the EU down hard and we eagerly watch as to who might blink first.

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I don’t think anyone is any the wiser about what might or might not happen, but Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has announced that if all does go according to Boris’ plan and we leave the EU on Halloween, then there will be a major celebration at each of his pubs as he’ll slash all beer prices. Given how cheap they already are in those places, that means you might be able to get ten pints for a tenner or something. Wahey!

Here’s what Martin told The Sun:

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If we leave the customs union on October 31, Wetherspoon will bring the price of beer to down to an unbelievable low.

That’s a guarantee – but we have to leave properly, Boris Johnson. No messing around with customs union or any of that funny stuff.

There probably will be a Brexit beer or two or many, if we leave on the October 31, so I’m looking to selecting one or two for our customers.

We can get our supplies cheaper, everything we buy from outside the EU can be tariff free or mostly tariff free – which will also make our customers better off.

The key thing is if we don’t leave on October 31 we’ll have years of wrangling ahead.

That will be two years of hell, of which the current hell continues, with the elite, who don’t want us to leave at all, continuing their campaign.

So the message to Boris is ‘we have got to go now’ and staying in the customs union and having anything to do with Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement is an anathema.

I mean if that happens I’ll be pretty stoked sure, just not sure it will actually happen as almost everything I’ve read seems to predict the exact opposite of that happening. Like I said nobody knows though, so maybe it will all work out once we finally leave. Gotta wait and see I guess.

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