West Ham Fans Threw Horse Poop At Birmingham Fans Before Their FA Cup Game

Fans horse Manure


Violence is unfortunately synonymous with the sport of football due to the massive amounts of pissed up hooligans that attend matches, but it fortunately seems to have died down a lot from its heyday back in the 80s.

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Whilst this may be the case, you do occasionally see some idiots messing around and I don’t think I’ve ever seen fans as dumb as these West Ham fans starting on Birmingham fans in the build up to their FA Cup match on Saturday. In the videos below, you can see one of the West Ham fans literally pick up horse manure and throw it at Birmingham fans.

Gross. I mean I’m sure that nobody is gonna like having literal horse shit thrown on them, but surely it’s way grosser and ranker that this West Ham fan is actually picking it up himself before throwing it around? That’s surely gonna leave a smell and a stain, and there’s also no guarantee that his aim will even be good enough to get the Birmingham fans. Seems really stupid and anti productive to be honest.

For more horse shit, check out this guy celebrating an American football win by eating horse shit. Not how I would celebrate, just saying.


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