Philadelphia Eagles Fan Celebrates Super Bowl Win By Eating Horse Poo

Eagles FAn Horse Poo

Celebration of the year.

Yesterday the Philadelphia Eagles claimed a historic victory over the New England Patriots to win their first ever Superbowl and send the whole city into absolute hysterics over their victory with many people partying all night.

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One Eagles fan decided to really throw the boat out with his celebrations though and decided that the only way he could express how happy he was with the victory – the first time the Eagles had won the Superbowl since 1960 – was to literally eat horse poop off the ground. Other Eagles fans chanted ‘eat it, eat it’ over again  whilst he tucked into the turds too.

You can see the truly bizarre and weird video below:

Yep, I can safely say that I don’t think I would ever be that happy in my life that I would actively eat horse poop off the ground. Even if Birmingham won the Champion’s League I don’t think that there’s any way I could ever fathom the possibility of eating horse turds. Must have really meant a lot to this guy.

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