Banned Exorcist Dirt Devil Advert


We’ve all seen the Exorcist. Hell, I see it every other weekend when my uncle grounds his teenage daughter. Flying kettles and all sorts. Its safe to say that crazy bitch could well give Linda Blair a run for her money. This banned advertisement is tame in comparison. So why ban it?

Tv editors of today seem to have this demented delusion that showing us endless adverts of that Go Compare cunt is going to rock our worlds but an awesome possessed demon being thwarted by a vacuum cleaner is simply too much. Its the other way round. If I see that Go Compare fucker again I’m personally going to hunt him down and let him compare his organs once they are ripped out.

The advert itself promotes a kick ass vacuum cleaner called the “Dirt Devil” and how it’ll protect you from unholy creatures of the night. I was sold right away. I mean who knows when some mad dirtbag will try to murder you, the creators of this advert have a fair point.

So check it out son, guarantee you’ll be seeking out a dirt devil, and no not the pervert down the street.

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