10 Really Weird And Gross Insects #1

If you’re one of those people that gets light headed at the thought of touching a daddy long legs, you might not want to look at these freaks…

It’s pretty normal to feel weird about insects, a lot of people do. They’re all gangly and otherworldly. But when you really think about it, it’s a pretty odd phobia. If you live in the Australian outback or the jungles of Malaysia it makes pretty good sense to be cautious of our 6 and 8 legged compadres. But if you live in the UK, or the majority of Europe, it’s a pretty daft thing to worry about. The worst you’ll get in this country is a wasp sting.

Here’s 10 of the weirdest looking buggers out there, none of which live anywhere near me, so that’s good…

1) Brazilian Tree Hopper

Weirdest Insects - Brazilian Tree Hopper Model

Yeah, that’s a pretty good start isn’t it?! What do you make of that? The Brazilian Tree Hopper is part of a large and predominantly bonkers family of insects that look horrible. The testicle-looking things on it’s back are still a bit of a mystery. It could be that the appendage simply makes them harder to eat.

The photo above is a model in the Museum of Natural History Berlin but this one below is a real live specimen:

Weirdest Insects - Brazilian Tree Hopper actual

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