Weird and Wonderful Festivals For A Crazy Summer

Here are a bunch of weird festivals you probably haven’t heard of in case you’re planning an ‘alternative’ summer.

It may be the wettest May for god knows how long but festival season is well under way and the slightest ray of sunshine catches us off guard and  gives us hope for an awesome summer.

Whether you go to the same field every year or like to mix it up a bit, check out these ‘alternative’ festivals/events for a crazy summer:

Cheese Rolling Festival- June 4th 2012, Gloucestershire England

The 200 year old tradition takes place on an extremely steep hill in Gloucestershire. It involves a round of double Gloucester being tossed down the hill, then followed by a bunch of mad bastards throwing themselves down the hill after it. Whoever gets to the bottom of the hill first wins and gets to take the cheese home, plus a few broken bones.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWSlFUtkAqQ’]

The baby jumping festival: June 2012 Castrillo de Murcia, Spain

Perfect for anyone who feels their child may posses some qualities of the anti christ. The event see’s grown men dressed as the devil jumping over a row of babies in the middle of the street. This apparently cleanses the child of any evil and scars them for life at the same time.

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