‘Alien’ Fish With A Knife Nose, Glowing Eyes And Wings Caught By Stunned Fishermen

Even marine experts can’t figure out what this thing is.

Another day, another freaky deep sea creature discovered in the ocean that no one can make any sense of.

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The creature was hooked in Canadian waters by fisherman Scott Tanner off Newfoundland and Labrador’s Grand Banks, and he can’t make heads or tails of it either.

Scott says:

It stood out right away with the green eyes. Everybody was amazed by it. The older guys, even, said they’d never seen one before.


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He shared the image on Facebook and with marine experts and no one was able to name it.

Andrew Hebda, curator of zoology at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, said he thinks it could be a “knifenose chimera”.


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Just another monster of the deep, no biggie. We’ve seen plenty of them before. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen one with actual wings though? Pick a place dude — the ocean or the sky. You can’t have both.

Apparently they dashed it back into the ocean after they were done taking pictures, so that’s nice of them. Does seem a little cruel just dumping him on a table and taking photos like that. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing could survive out of water too.

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