The Weeknd’s 19 Year Old Girlfriend Got Her Boobs Out For Her Latest Modelling Campaign

Bella Hadid Weeknd

Not sure if he’ll be too happy about this.

The Weeknd has been dating 19 year old supermodel Bella Hadid since April despite the fact he’s six years older than her. Still, that isn’t so bad – at least he isn’t doing a Robin Thicke and dating someone 20 years younger than him.

Hadid has recently shot a modelling campaign though that might leave The Weeknd a bit angry as you can effectively see her boobs in it. Still, he’s probably just happy to be dating a mature 19 year old that looks as good as this.

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Check out the photos on the slides below, they’re kinda NSFW so make sure your boss isn’t perving over your shoulder.

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