The Weeknd Debuted New Song ‘I’m A Virgin’ On New Episode Of American Dad

It’s actually a banger.

I had no idea American Dad was still on TV but from the looks of it the show is still going strong, even securing a special guest appearance by The Weeknd – who is a big fan of the series – on its latest episode.

Fair play to the guy – he was totally down to make fun of himself as he performed a new track called ‘I’m A Virgin’ while being seduced by Stan’s daughter Hayley:

The Weeknd actually co-wrote the entire show, which involved Stan abducting him to teach Roger a lesson.

The R&B star told Variety:

I’m a longtime fan of the show. I’ve been watching since high school but I really appreciated it about seven years ago.

It’s been running for so long, and I feel like it has a real cult following. To really enjoy the show in its entirety you have to really know the characters.

I always wanted to play a character that was the opposite of the public’s perception of me — and of course make fun of myself.

Once I was given the opportunity I took complete advantage. [Writer-producer] Joel Hurwitz believed in the vision and he helped execute it beautifully.

A dream come true for The Weeknd then, who hopes to land more acting gigs after also showing up in Adam Sandler’s ‘Uncut Gems’. Let’s hope he doesn’t give up the day job though…

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