Wayne Rooney Bitchslapped Someone On WWE Raw Last Night

Wayne Rooney Wade Barrett


Wayne Rooney is apparently a big fan of WWE wrestling and attended the Raw taping in Manchester last night alongside his son Kai, Ryan Giggs and Darren Fletcher. Apparently Giggs and Rooney are massive WWE heads who would regularly wrestle each other in the changing room during their time as players together at Man United, although these rumours are unconfirmed.

Anyway, as is usually the case with Raw when a celebrity is in attendance, Rooney just had to get involved with the show when Wade Barrett and Seamus confronted him during their match. It started off with Barrett dissing Rooney with a promo before the match, obviously a result of their Twitter feud a few months back.

The dissing continued during the match with Seamus stepping up to Rooney and claiming he was lucky he wasn’t Gary Neville otherwise he would have slapped the shit out of him. Rooney stayed pensive then but he had had enough when Barrett too got in his face, slapping him round the head and sending him to the ground to the obvious joy of the Manchester crowd.

This also enable Cesaro to score the roll up victory on Seamus as he was distracted by the out of ring action, and probably surprised that Rooney could have hit Barrett so hard too:

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Wow. What a slap huh? ‘Even worse than the hairdryer treatment from Sir Alex’ according to that commentator, who obviously knew what he was talking about with that line.

Perhaps Rooney can have a career in the WWE when he’s hung his boots up? I mean, it already seems like he knows how to juice judging by the pictures of the horrendous head injury he suffered a couple of years back, so he’s halfway there really after that and this appearance.


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