VIDEO: Wayne Rooney Nuts David Moyes In Manchester United Training

Wayne Rooney David Moyes Nutmeg

When it rains, it pours.

As we probably all know, things haven’t been going well for David Moyes at Manchester United this season, and most of the country/world have been absolutely buzzing over it as those obnoxious Manchester United fans you’ve had to put up with for years have slowly gotten quieter and quieter until they’ve pretty much disappeared.

One solution that David Moyes has employed to try and save the season is to join in with some of their training drills over at the training ground. I’m not sure what the mentality behind this was – to try and get the players more riled up because they were skinning/tackling the man they were blaming for all their defeats? To try and install his (so far lacklustre) footballing ideas on the team in the first person? Or simply that Moyes wanted to join in and show them how easy it was? Or just for a bit of fun and to let off some steam?

Whichever is the correct answer, I don’t think any of it worked as Wayne Rooney took the opportunity to completely take the piss out of Moyes by nutmegging him in a game of piggy in the middle. To be fair to Moyes he took it fairly well by going after Rooney in a playful tantrum, but you can bet the way the season is going this is just going to be another opportunity for everyone to rinse the guy, and it’s probably going to be the players doing most of the rinsing behind his back.

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