Watch This Zoom Meeting Of The Handforth Parish Council Descend Into Absolute Chaos

This is 10/10 gold.

I don’t think I’ve ever attended a meeting of a local parish council, but I imagine that if I did then they would be exactly like this absolute car crash of a Zoom call as fragile egos regularly kick off and go crazy about the tiniest and most insignificant of issues.

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The clip comes courtesy of the Handforth Parish council and I haven’t really got a clue what any of it’s about, but just watch it. Words can’t really do it justice.

You can watch a small clip below of the chaos, but it really is worth watching the full 18 minutes which I’ve included below that. Pretty much 100% sure after watching the clip that you’ll be convinced to watch the full thing and it is definitely worth it:

Wow. The best thing about that is that I literally don’t have a clue what they’re talking about throughout the whole debacle? Who cares about the roles of the meeting and the procedures and why is everyone so goddamn weird and touchy about it?

And why the hell are they even having the meeting in the first place? How fucking hard is it for them just to have a meeting and not shout at each other the whole time? Don’t really think anyone comes across well in the whole clip, although I kinda feel sorry for Jackie Weaver maybe? But it seems like she’s trying to do something illegal so maybe not? Just completely weird.

The five minute part about them not understanding how he changed his name to ‘Clerk’ is amazing though. You just fucking change it yourself you old idiots. ‘Please refer to me as Britney Spears from now on’ is a zinger.

Also love it when a clerk gets called out for not attending a meeting and then the very next line is that the fact there weren’t any meetings over the time period is irrelevant! What is going on with these idiots?

Remind me never to join a parish council, whatever the hell that is. Thanks for the entertainment though anyway and shout out to Julie’s iPad popping up every now and again.

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