Watch This Woman Punch A Security Guard After Being Asked To Leave Lord’s

Typical day out at the cricket.

It’s a well known fact that if you go to the cricket then it pretty much means you’re just going to get massively pissed up all day, so it’s kinda surprising we haven’t seen more videos of drunk and unruly spectators over the past few days with the test match between England and India going down at Lord’s.

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The couple featured in the video below were being massively uncouth at the event on Saturday and were approached by security and asked to leave the stadium after the guy fell over his seat several times. Unfortunately for everyone involved, they refused to go quietly and had to be escorted by the security guards, leading the woman to punch one of them in the face when he wasn’t looking and ending up being roundly booed by the fans as she was led away.

You can check out the footage below, as well as the comments of an onlooker:

It was pretty scary.

Everyone was relieved when they were gone. There were quite a few families there. Everyone felt uncomfortable.

I was feeling scared and I was a good few rows back. It’s not what you expect at the cricket.

I kinda think that this is the exact thing that you would expect from the cricket as it seems to be full of pissed up idiots, but maybe this guy has never been or something and has an idealised view of it as the perfect family day out? Anyway, I don’t know what happened to those two reprobates but hopefully they didn’t do anyone any lasting harm and are suitably embarrassed by this video going viral that they never act like that again. Have a good time sure, but don’t get so wrecked that you can barely stand up and end up starting fights. Not cool.

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