Watch A Weird Germany’s Got Talent Contestant Eats Sausages With Her Ass


it’s well known that you get all kinds of weirdoes appearing on stupid talent shows, but the woman appearing in this one is probably up there with the all time greats.

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Duckie L’Orange is a German comedienne who decided to do a skit on the German version of Britain’s Got Talent based around her dressing her butt up to look like a dog. She ran around for a bit like that and then put a bunch of sausages on the floor and hoovered them up with her ass, making it look like the dog was eating the porkers.

It really was as strange as it sounds:

Ew. Not sure why the video – which was released on Duckie’s official YouTube channel – cuts out just as she starts eating the sausages but I suppose nobody really wanted to see that anyway because it is pretty rank. Not really sure what she was thinking even doing this routine unless she was just trying to convince everyone that she was completely weird, but there you go.

Needless to say, she didn’t get through to the next round and I guess is off practicing her unusual brand of comedy somewhere else. Good luck to her – maybe there’s an audience for this kind of crap somewhere out there.

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