Watch Wayne Lineker Kick Someone Out Of HIs Ibiza Club For Calling Him A Nonce

Probably fair enough really.

I think everyone out there who even has a vague knowledge of who 59 year old Wayne Lineker is would probably agree that he’s a bit of a creepy weirdo thanks to his penchant for hanging out in Ibiza with girls that are less than half his age and apparently he doesn’t like it when people call him out about it either.

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Wayne decided to share some footage on his Instagram account of him throwing a guy out of his Ocean Beach nightclub in Ibiza after the guy apparently asked him for a photograph and then whispered nonce in his ear, which is a pretty legendary move if you ask me. Not really surprised that Wayne kicked him out following that, but kinda weird that he felt the need to share the footage with the entire world and tell them the story though hey?


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I guess that’s a pretty reasonable response really when he puts it like that. However, if Wayne Lineker wasn’t very obviously such a major creep though then nobody would be calling him a nonce and he wouldn’t be getting into these situations anyway. Think about that.

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