Watch UFC Legend B.J. Penn Get Knocked Out By Some Fat Guy Outside A Bar


B.J Penn is undoubtedly a legend in the UFC world having held titles in two different weight classes, but the fact is that he’s also on his way out having suffered eight straight losses in a row and if anything should convince Dana White not to let him in the Octagon again it’s this video of some fat guy knocking him clean out outside a bar.

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A video did the rounds a month or so ago of Penn fighting someone outside a strip club in his native Hawaii and it seems as though he hasn’t learned his lesson as it looks as though he was caught getting into another altercation outside the same strip club, except that this one was much worse. In the video below you see Penn squaring up to some fat dude without his shirt on and asking him to take a free shot in his face, which he duly does, proceeding to spark Penn out cold:

Damn that’s embarrassing for someone who is literally supposed to fighting another professional fighter in a matter of weeks. What is going on with him?

However if you were worried that Penn was out cold then don’t be – another video was posted laster of him absolutely kicking the shit out of this tubster and whacking him in the back of the head multiple times whilst he lay on top of him. Mature way to deal with the situation hey?

The fact that they’re playing Inner Circle’s ‘Sweat’ there really does make the video a whole new. Hopefully the mass sharing of this video will encourage no organisation to let him step foot in a cage again and also serve as a wake up call to go get some therapy or whatever to deal with his demons. Seems like the fact that he’s a completely shitty fighter now at the end of his game is weighing heavily on him – hopefully he can figure that out before something even more serious happens to him.

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