Angry Drunk Whips His Shirt Off And Starts Savage Fight Outside Irish Pub (VIDEO)

street fight

Below the belt.

We’re over in Kerry, Ireland, today where an evening of too much boozing led to a scrap outside of a pub called The Barge.

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But this is no ordinary bar fight, as the antagonist decided to take things up a notch by whipping off his shirt and his belt. The latter to use as a weapon, but as to why he wanted to be topless remains a mystery.

As the shirtless dude charges at his opponent, he brutally whips his belt, suggesting the fight’s about to get real nasty.

However, after the initial commotion, the pair just kinda get into one of those weird bear hug standoffs. The more they struggle, the more their butt cracks start to show. Just as they’re about to show us the full moon, a couple of cops come over to break it up.

The video was uploaded by Twitter user Chris, who has received a number of comments below, including a dude who perfectly summed up the scrap in one sentence:

Silly belt slapped him hard before the dreaded drunk man bear hug.

Describes that fight in a nutshell, don’t you think?

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