Watch Two Protesters Get Brutally Run Over In Seattle By A Crazy Hit And Run Driver

This is hard to watch.

Protests have been continuing all over America in the past couple of weeks in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by policemen, although they haven’t been receiving the coverage that they did at the beginning of this whole business.

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This also means that people have been protesting against the protests and the most shocking example of this comes from up in Seattle, where protesters were gathered on a closed highway to make some noise. Even though the highway was closed though, some prick drove down it, broke through the barrier and then brutally ran over a couple of them at high speed.

Seriously, this is pretty difficult to watch so be warned before clicking on it:

Damn. One of the protesters hit was 24 years old and named Summer Taylor and has since passed away. The other is 32 year old Diaz Love and is still in critical condition.

The driver was arrested and has been identified 27-year-old Dawit Kelete of Seattle. His mood was described as reserved and sullen after he was picked up and he asked whether the protesters he had hit were OK.

His motives are unknown at this point, but you’ve gotta be screwed up or some kind of psychopath to drive your car into this area that fast and try and murder people just for protesting (if it was intentional, that is). At the same time maybe protesting in the middle of the highway at night isn’t the brightest idea someone could have. RIP Summer Taylor and here’s hoping Diaz Love pulls through.

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