Watch These Two Karens Get Kicked Off A Flight For Demanding Aisle Seats

For once this isn’t about wearing a mask.

Normally when we’ve been talking about Karens for the last year and a half it’s usually revolved around one of them refusing to wear a mask or shouting at other people wearing masks or a similar kind of situation, but this video sees somewhat of a return to regular Karen behaviour as they’re just being drunk and rowdy for no real reason.

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The video comes from a flight from Sacramento to San Diego which had already been delayed for two hours and sees the Karens board the flight just moments before the cabin doors closed and then kicking up a fuss with the other passengers and demanding that they move seats so that they can get an aisle seat for no good reason other than their inherent ‘Karen privilege’. Anyway, it didn’t work and all they succeeded in doing was delaying the flight even further and getting themselves kicked off of it.

Here’s the footage – you go girls!

@official_norcal_momSouthwest flight Karen encounter passengers removed. #passengerremoval #karen

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OK so the guy didn’t really catch the best parts there of these women screaming at people but it’s still good seeing them getting escorted off the plane and there was obviously something that happened before this video that led to that outcome so that’s cool. Again, just think it’s cool that they’re both wearing masks and being dickheads about regular Karen stuff rather than COVID. Maybe nature is finally healing.

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