Watch A Train Suddenly Burst Into Flames On The Platform In Kent

Just when you think the trains can’t get any worse.

There’s obviously a massive problem with the train system in this country – they’re super expensive, never run on time and half the time they’re on strike anyway – but I didn’t think it was so bad that some trains just set themselves on fire some of the time.

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Sadly though, it looks like this is the case as we can see in the footage below from West Malling station in Kent. The train was just minding its own business on the platform with a bunch of people on it when suddenly out of nowhere there was a massive explosion and it was set on fire.

That sounds kinda banal but the actually footage is actually kinda scary:

A fire occurred underneath the 15:25 London Victoria to Ashford International train yesterday evening.

On becoming aware of the fire the driver took immediate action, safely stopping the train at West Malling station so passengers could be immediately evacuated.

Emergency services attended the scene and put the fire out. No injuries were reported but our team offered support to people involved, both customers and staff.

The safety of our passengers and staff remains our top priority and a full investigation will be carried out.

See what I mean? That would majorly scare you if you happened to be on the train because you would just be thinking that the whole train might explode at any minute as that’s just what happens when these things go down in the movies. Kinda terrifying to be honest.

Anyway, expect this kind of thing to become more and more common with the way the country is currently going to the dogs. Probably be an everyday occurrence before too long.

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