Watch A Thug Knock Out A Disabled Man With One Punch After Running Over His Foot In Wheelchair

What a scumbag.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen someone lay a finger on a wheelchair user before because you would have to be one hell of a heartless bxstard to attack someone that’s already disabled, but it turns out that one such person in Bristol does actually exist.

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The following video has gone viral on Twitter and appears to show some dude knocking out a wheelchair user after he accidentally ran over his foot on Friday night outside BSB The Waterside on Canon’s Road in Bristol. Police are aware of the footage and are currently trying to find the guy – here’s what they had to say:

The video has been circulated and viewed widely and it’s important we identify the people in the footage.

We believe it happened close to the BSB bar on the Waterfront and we’re making inquiries at the venue and in the surrounding area today.

Hopefully they end up doing their job and this guy gets sent down for a while because that’s a real scumbag move on that guy’s count. Yeah I know it was probably annoying that the guy accidentally ran over your foot, but you would think that you might cut the guy a bit of slack considering he’s already in a wheelchair hey?

I suppose it’s possible that there might be some kind of back story and this wheelchair guy had been a real dick and deserved it all, but I think that’s highly unlikely, don’t you? I suppose you never know though. How often do you meet somebody like that? I guess you never know though.

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