Watch This Weather Girl’s Nipple Slip Out FOUR Times On Live Morning Television


Wardrobe malfunction.

Ever since that performance at the Superbowl, wardrobe malfunctions seem to be more and more common on live television and nobody seems to be complaining about them – even the people that they’re happening to.

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Case in point, Italian weather girl Daniela Crudu who seems to have them happen to her all the time. Some might even say she’s doing it deliberately.

In the clip below there are about four different occasions where it’s happened, usually when she’s dancing around the studio for some reason. Not really sure why you need to see her twerk for a couple of minutes if she’s just telling you the weather, but hey if it leads to a wardrobe malfunction then I’m not complaining at all:

Yep, pretty impressive, although it’s probably most impressive when she doesn’t even miss a beat when it pops out and she just pops it back in straight away. I suppose when it happens so much you get used to dealing with it quickly and efficiently though eh?

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