Watch This Octopus Grab A Seagull From Behind And Drown It

Octopus Drowns Seagull

The law of the jungle.

If there were ever two animals that I thought might not end up fighting each other out there in the big wide world, a seagull fighting an octopus probably would have been up there near the top of my list. I mean obviously there are more ridiculous match ups like a polar bear vs. an anaconda, but this one seems pretty out there.

I would probably have put my money on the octopus to win though, although I suppose to some extent it depends on the environment they’re fighting in. In the video below, which was filmed in northern New South Wales, the seagull is grabbing some bread which has been thrown on the river for it, when the octopus grabs the bird out of nowhere and starts dragging it into the water to drown it using the immense strength of its tentacles. Pretty soon the bird is a goner:

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Really grim but I suppose that’s the law of the jungle? I’m perplexed as to why the octopus even wanted to kill the seagull though – is it going to use it for food or something? Or was it just to show who was the toughest? Like I said, it’s weird that the two of them would get into a fight in the first place.

It’s also kind of weird that the family just filmed it and didn’t try and help the bird, although I suppose to be fair it is over fairly quickly so they might not have been much use. They also might have been scared of the octopus I guess, and you can’t really blame them for that either.

Wanna get even more freaked out by an octopus? Here’s one jumping out of the water and eating a crab. Told you.


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