Watch This Maniac Seize Up After Stinging Himself With The Most Painful Insect On Earth


He’s only got himself to blame.

These days, you’ve got to use shock tactics to make it in the internet game. And I don’t think anyone knows this more than ‘Brave Wilderness’ host Coyote Peterson – a man who purposely seeks out and stings himself with the most painful insects in the world.

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This time round he takes part in his most extreme video yet, by taking a hit from the bullet ant, which is believed to have the most painful sting in the world. It currently sits at the top of the Schmidt sting pain index and has been compared to the feeling of being shot, hence its name. The video is 19 minutes long so if you’re in a rush, cut to the 13-minute mark to see the action:

Wow that looked painful. I’m impressed at how he still managed to relay facts while lying on the floor in agony. Good effort.

To watch a guy sit in an ant’s nest and get absolutely annihilated, click HERE.


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