Stupid Australian Guy Tries To Sit In Killer Ant Nest For One Minute; Gets Totally Annihilated

Andrew Ucles Ant Nest

He doesn’t exactly live up to his status as a ‘wild man’ with this display.

Andrew Ucles is a self proclaimed ‘wild man’ who seems to enjoy making YouTube videos of him wandering around the bush looking for various different animals and then acting like a twat in front of them.

For his latest escapade, he decided to go looking for the echidna, which is one of Australia’s most iconic mammals and a cousin of the duck billed platypus. For some reason, as part of this he decided to test his pain threshold against that of the echidna by lying down in an ant nest in order to find out what it was really like for these guys when it came to feeding time.

He attempted to last a whole ten minutes – as befitting a ‘wild man’ such as himself – but unfortunately he barely lasted even twenty seconds before totally freaking out over how many of them were all over him and biting the crap out of him. Poor effort mate.

To be fair though, if it’s as painful as this guy getting bitten by bullet ants (the most pain imaginable apparently) then maybe he isn’t such a pussy – he should really know better though being a ‘wild man’, right?

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