Watch This Jacked Bodybuilder Get His Ass Destroyed By A Female Jiu Jitsu Black Belt


He gets his ass choked out.

It’s fairly well known that bodybuilders tend to think they’re the toughest, baddest dudes on the planet, so it’s always great when you see one acting like that getting their ass choked out by someone way smaller than them, especially when that someone is a girl.

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Rambo Cuztha Gunz is definitely playing this one for laughs, but that doesn’t make it any less funny watching this bumbling meathead stumble into a jiu jitsu dojo thinking he’s all that and then getting his ass absolutely whooped by a black belt master and then a pretty awesome female fighter too. Later pal:

Lol. Some of the black belts lines are totally great ‘who’s the master?’, ‘You’re getting your ass kicked by a girl’ which you would kind of imagine the jock to come out with, but it’s OK because he got started on and is just delivering an ass whooping. And even if you thought he was an asshole for saying it, you’re not going to mess with him because he’s a black belt duh. No way.

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