Watch This Absolute Maniac Break The World Record For A Static Line Jump, Falling 1394 Feet


I’ll quite happily admit that I’m scared of heights and will almost certainly never do a bungee jump or a parachute jump and even watching the video below makes me feel uncomfortable and weird.

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The video features an absolute maniac named Carlos Munoz who decided that he wanted to break the world record for the highest ever jump using a static line rope, falling an incredible 1393.7 feet before being yanked up to safety. Needless to say, the video of this is – – to quote one of the guys in his video: – ‘absolutely blasphemous’:

Absolute filth and further cementing my belief that I”m never going to try anything like that ever. I just can’t believe how far the guy falls before he gets yanked up by the rope and even he was terrified about doing this – and considering how many of these jumps he must have done that really is saying something.

Not for me, but props to him and his world record. Well deserved.

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