Watch Stuntman Damien Walters Perform The Biggest Free Fall In 35 Years For The Assassin’s Creed Movie

Assassin's Creed Leap Of Faith

Balls of steel.

Stuntman Damien Walters has been known to push the limits of what a human can achieve, and he’s at it again on the set of the Assassin’s Creed movie.

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As anyone who has played the game or seen an advert about it will probably know, Assassin’s Creed is all about jumping up walls and doing parkour and performing stealth kills, and apparently in the movie they wanted to make this look as realistic as possible without the use of digital animation all the time. In order to do this, they got Walters in and got him to perform one of the biggest free falls from a stuntman in almost 35 years:

Yep, nailed it there didn’t he? I mean it was never in doubt really was it – this is the guy who once did a standing flip over a speeding Formula E car FFS. This was a cakewalk compared to that.


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