Watch This 13 Year Old Girl Get Battered In Unprovoked Attack At Notorious Florida Fight School


Sometimes you watch a video and you’re just there thinking: why the hell did that person just do that?

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This is another one of those times and we’re over at Cutler Bay Middle School over in Florida – the most notorious school for violence in the state – to see it. The video shows 13 year old Denali Gonzalez get the absolute tar beaten out of her by an older student for no apparent reason – I guess that’s just what happens in the most violent school in the state.

Here’s what Denali had to say about it, as well as the footage:

(I said) “why are we fighting again?” And that is when she hit me right here, which is where I have the bruises.

I didn’t even get to hit her back. She just slammed me and hit me and kicked me. I passed out.

All I saw was when she hit me and kicked me, and I looked down, and I saw a lot of blood and I passed out right there.

I broke my two knuckles…all of this scratched. My whole back is swollen..scratches on my face.

Damn that is a brutal beating, especially for no reason as well? I guess some kids do have a chip on their shoulder and just bop around looking for fights, but that really is brutal and should probably lead to an arrest or some kind of police involvement at least. Doubt we’ll see anything like that though unfortunately. Just another day in fight school I guess.

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