Watch These Russians Try And Demolish A Building But Fail Miserably

Could they have screwed this up anymore?

Although Russia is a super power and its hi-tech military carry the most impressive and worrying arsenal of weapons, their general infrastructure often lets poor old Putin down.

On Christmas Eve in Sevastopol, Russia, a building shamed the Ruski’s glorious, bare-chested leader. According to officials the building in question had been erected without the proper planning permission so it had to be DESTROYED. The destruction didn’t quite go as they had planned by the looks of things.

The explosives were placed in the building, check; the area was cordoned off, check; the detonation went off, check; the building began to fall down, check… but then it stopped falling down and just hung there at a jaunty angle. And, if there’s one thing Putin hates it’s jaunty angles.

Of course, they can’t leave it looking like that in the middle of a busy town so they’re going to have to destroy it somehow. I’m imagining the process will be a bit of a tricky one though, they can’t just wander in there and stuff it with more explosives because a) it’s more unsafe than Kim Kardashian operating welding equipment and b) how are they going to work out where it falls?

I’m assuming they will figure out some way of getting rid of it. I’m hoping they decide to use rocket launchers, that sounds like the appropriate Russian response, and seeing as it’s in Crimea I’m sure they’ve got a few knocking about. If they do rocket blast it into oblivion rest assured, we’ll bring you that video ASAP. In the mean time watch the demolition fail video below and then have a trip through some of these videos of massive explosions to whet your whistle.

Of course, the population of Sevastopol aren’t daft. Here’s a couple of samples from the ensuing selfie deluge:

Building-Demolition-in-Sevastopol - selfie 1

Building-Demolition-in-Sevastopol - selfie 4

Sevastopol fail explosion video selfie 2

Sevastopol fail explosion video selfie 3


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