Watch These Alabama Prisoners Compete In The Mannequin Challenge, Complete With Beatdowns And Shankings


The brutality of prison life exposed via the viral challenge.

The mannequin challenge has been sweeping the world in the past week or so, with pretty much everyone getting in on the act from Paul McCartney to members of the England team – this version from prisoners in the American state of Alabama might be the most shocking yet.

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The video was originally posted on Facebook and included the commentary of  ‘Free us… prison reform… free my family!’ and the hashtags #ALLlivesMATTER, #GodLovesAll, and #ChaingangChallange. It seems fairly obvious that it was the work of a prisoner too, although it’s kind of surprising that they managed to get so many prisoners to act out scenes like one of them getting shanked and others beating someone up on the floor, but I suppose the chance to raise awareness about these issues trumps any beefs they may have with other prisoners. Well maybe?

Yeah, pretty awesome mannequin challenge there – the guy getting shanked must have really trusted the guy with the shank because if all the prison TV shows that I’ve seen have taught me anything, then that would probably be the easiest time to actually take him out. I suppose making this video and the chance to do something bigger trumped that though.

Needless to say, investigators with the Alabama Department of Corrections are looking into the video now, but not into the activities that are depicted in it and more into the fact that a prisoner had access to a mobile phone and was able to film it. Good one guys – nothing ever changes.

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