These Half Naked Fitness Models Just Took The Mannequin Challenge Up To NSFW Levels


Upping the game.

The mannequin challenge is the latest craze sweeping the internet, seeing groups of people filming themselves frozen in action like a group of (you guessed it) mannequins.

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Up until now we assumed Paul McCartney was the uncrowned winner of this challenge, but it looks like we’ve got a new champion in town, in the form of a group of fitness models from Los Angeles. During the clip below, which was posted by fitness guru Bradley Martyn, a bunch of gym bunnies strike several work out poses, while the men appear to lift heavy weights. Some of the poses are absolutely insane, including Bradley himself bench pressing two gym girls and another woman holding an impressive handstand.

These guys have just upped the game pretty hard. Up until now it’s been a question of remaining completely still, but these guys managed to smash that while holding incredibly difficult poses in the meantime. You got anything to add to that Mr McCartney?

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