Watch The Puddle Of Mudd Singer Get Arrested At His Own Show

Wes Scantlin

Rock bottom.

After his drunken on-stage meltdown I didn’t think it was possible for Wes Scantlin to sink any lower. But it appears he’s managed it in his most recent feat after he was arrested at his own show.

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The Puddle Of Mudd singer got into trouble earlier this year for breaking into his own home which he had lost to foreclosure and vandalising it with a hatchet. The police came and cuffed him at his own show in Hermosa Beach, CA over the weekend as he had apparently missed his court hearing for the incident. This is the second time Wes has done this, which has bumped his bail up to $250,000. Ouch.

Check it:

Ah man – it’s pretty depressing to see a man’s life go so down the pan. Not that he was a hugely integral music artist, but their band were obviously doing alright back in the 2000s and now he’s not only doing shitty gigs, but he’s also getting arrested his own show for breaking into his own house.

Maybe he should lay off the booze a bit and not do any crazy shit like accusing his audience of stealing his house and then he might be able to piece his life back together again. Here’s hoping.


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