Watch The Heartwarming Moment A Dog Has Her First Taste Of Freedom


It’s a tear-jerker.

A dog who was kept in a tiny cage for the first part of her life has had her first taste of freedom after being rescued by animal workers.

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The female dog named Liszka had been locked in a cage and forced to sleep in her own faeces without food or water. As a result, she developed contractures of the legs which caused difficulties when standing and walking.

The rescue company OTOZ Animals over in Poland’s city of Gdynia came to her rescue after being notified by an anonymous caller. They wrote on their social media page:

She was lying and waiting for death. She was somewhere between scrap and waste.

Who the fuck could do that an innocent animal? Some people are so messed up. Luckily Liszka was found before it was too late, where she was taken to a veterinary clinic and given food and massages so her legs could be relaxed. She now has a new loving home – you can see her first moments of freedom in the heartwarming footage below:

Feel good story of the day. It’s such a relief that Liszka found the loving home that she deserves. Also, the police are now investigating the case of where she was found so hopefully they catch the fuckers who did this to her.

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