This Dog Got Her Head Stuck In A Wall While Trying To Look For Food (VIDEO)

Dog head stuck hole

Classic dog move.

We all know that dogs will do anything for a bit of food, but this pup took it one step too far and managed to get her poor little head stuck in a tiny gap.

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The doggy soon picked up attention as its head was literally sticking out of the pavement. Locals in the rural area of San Martin Peru came to the rescue and fed the hungry creature while waiting for the emergency services turned up.

The rescuers said that she was searching for food in a canal, leading her to the hole that was only big enough for her head. She was finally freed after several helpers dug and drilled a big enough gap to get her out.

Now that’s she free, and with no injuries might I add, let’s just hope the pup finds someone to love and care for her, because every dog deserves just that.

Speaking of which, do you guys remember Buddy, the rescue dog? If that answer’s a no then check out this video of him playing fetch with himself. Too cute.


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