Watch This Redneck Drive A Car Wrapped In Duct Tape Off A Cliff To Prove How Strong The Tape Is

Redneck Drives Car Off Cliff Held together Duct Tape

Duct tape can apparently keep anything together.

Adverts are becoming more and more outrageous these days, and whilst this isn’t one of the craziest I’ve ever seen, it’s certainly up there as it involves driving a car wrapped in duct tape off a cliff. Like that’s going to work out well.

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The advert is for a new brand of duct tape called Fiber Fix which is apparently 100 times more powerful than regular duct tape. To demonstrate this, some redneck guy decides to drive two cars off a cliff, one wrapped in a cage held together by duct tape, and one wrapped in a cage held together by Fiber Fix.

Wow. Looks like the results speak for themselves there. I’ll definitely be buying this Fibre Fix tape now instead of regular duct tape – I mean it’s obviously a given that I’m going to need something that’s 1000 times stronger than regular duct tape for my usual activities like building cages for cars and then driving them off cliffs.

OK OK, just kidding I watched the rest of the advert too and it probably is worth it for stuff like fixing pipes and getting them to work again. I just bought 22 rolls of the stuff and suggest you do the same. It’s an investment for life.

Here’s a guy who got so drunk on a plane he got duct taped to a seat. If only they had used Fibre Fix we might never have had to hear from him again.


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