Drunk Guy Got So Drunk On Flight That He Was Taped To His Chair

Drunk Passenger Feautred

Getting drunk on a plane is normally a pretty swell way to make the journey go a lot quicker. You don’t want to get so drunk though that the crew has to physically restrain you and tape you to your chair, which is exactly what happened to this dude.

This actually happened towards the end of the weekend but I completely missed it (I guess that’s what living for the weekend does for you) but it’s completely jokes and a video has emerged today so I figured it was worth sticking it up on Sick Chirpse regardless. Basically, this dude was flying from to Reykjavik in Iceland to JFK in New York City over the weekend and he got trashed.

Now, I’ve been on long haul flights and it’s kind of cool that you can just get drinks all the time if you want them, and that the fact that you’re on a plane just means that you get wasted pretty quickly. Of course, there isn’t actually that much to do on a plane when you’re wasted except watch a movie or listen to music or read a book or maybe talk to your buddies if you’re flying with them or try and strike up a conversation with the people sitting next to you and inevitably annoy them.

I would much rather be at the club boogying or chirpsing some girls rather than sitting on the plane, but being able to drink a bunch does make those flights go a lot quicker, even if all it does is send you to sleep. Although if you have more than two or three than the flight attendants give you a weird look that kind of discourages you from asking for any more, that’s normally enough for a flight though to send you to sleep, which is probably the best thing to try and do on a long flight like that.

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However, this dude really took things to the extreme on his recent flight. Apparently he drank a WHOLE BOTTLE of duty free liquor that he had picked up off one of those carts that comes around that everyone usually ignores and then went completely crazy on the flight, jumping around the cabin and choking, groping and spitting on other passengers as well as constantly yelling that the plane was going to crash. Pretty unsettling stuff for everyone else on the flight, unless you’re not a nervous flyer and are sitting as far away from the dude as possible, in which case you would probably just have a blast watching him annoy all the other people on the flight while you sip your free Heineken before passing out.

There was only one option for the plane crew: restrain him and duct tape him to the chair. To be fair I wouldn’t want some chump jumping all over me and spitting on me whilst I was trying to read my book or watch whatever crappy movie was on my flight (probably something starring Hugh Grant) and it would be pretty damn entertaining seeing the crew wrestle this guy and then duct tape him to the chair – in fact it would probably be the best in flight entertainment ever – so I’m all for it.

I don’t know if the guy was as he isn’t looking that comfortable in the picture of him right here, bound and gagged to his seat on the flight. I particularly like how his legs are secured too with one those zip ties that cops use to subdue prisoners. I bet that was kind of awkward for whoever had to sit next to him for the rest of the plane journey.  Once the plane touched down at JFK he was untaped and promptly arrested, although apparently other people on the flight were reluctant to testify against him so he hasn’t been charged with anything. Still, the fact that a picture of him tied up on a plane is all over the internet is probably punishment enough.

Drunk Passenger Taped To Seat

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It’s emerged today that the dude was called Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson (great name) and was a civil engineer who was travelling from his native Iceland to Trinidad and Tobago for work. I guess he had access to the company’s expense account and used it to the full judging by the way he acted. But yeah this video that emerged is pretty awesome because you get to see some people putting duct tape over Gudmunder’s mouth and then even though he is taped up and gagged he still makes loads of noises and moans for ages.

My favourite part is probably when some American douchebag who looks a bit like a non-famous version of Colin Farrell says ‘Does this guy have Tourette’s? This guy’s gonna be in jail for a long time.’ I just love how both parts of the statement are completely stupid and completely inaccurate. Americans can be so dumb. Not as dumb as the Icelandics though I guess.

Enjoy the video below:

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