This R-Rated Version Of The Power Rangers Would Be The Greatest Blockbuster Movie In Years

Somebody turn this into a feature length film ASAP.

We stumbled across this masterpiece of an adult version of Power Rangers that completely took us by surprise. Fairly high profile actors, cursing, blood, decent music, cinema quality effects, and a bad ass story will leave you wanting to see more once it’s over. Seriously, it’s that good. The creator of the “bootleg,” Adi Shankar posted a video about why he wanted to create this short and basically was a fan as a child and saw the moral issues of using teenagers to fight an intergalactic war. The film perfectly shows a more realistic version of what could have happened to our beloved childhood characters.

Check the description video here:

So growing up in the 90s as a millennial we got to see an incredible number of TV shows and cartoons. One of the favourites of the day was Power Rangers. Now if you’re one of our younger readers, you may have only seen the shitty newer versions where they are time travelling or something that had nothing to do with the original show. I really have no idea what happened in the story after the Power Rangers movie they made, because as I got older I lost interest in the show. But without further ado, here it is – a real would-be masterpiece for the ages:

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