Watch This One Kazakhstan Ice Hockey Player Try To Beat Up An Entire Chinese Team

Kazakhstan V China Hockey fight

Ultimate badass.

One of the best things about ice hockey is that if you’re having beef with someone on the opposite team, then you can just stop the game right there and then and duke it out with them, mano a mano. Having said that, I’ve never seen anything like the brawl that went down at China’s new stadium over the weekend.

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Kazakhstan’s Barys Atana were playing China’s new team, the Bejing Kunlun Red Stars, and the game had to be abandoned after just three minutes due to the actions of one man, who literally went on a rampage trying to beat up the entirety of the Chinese team. Not one member, but every single person on the ice and everyone on the bench too. He did a pretty good job of it as well:

Great effort there. Shame there isn’t any sound there as I would love to hear a commentator going absolutely mental to that, but I guess we can’t have it all. Would have been funnier if it had been happening at the Olympics too, but again, you can’t have it all.

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