Watch This Ice Hockey Player Get His Throat Slit By A Skate In Freak Accident

Vitali Sitinikov

Absolutely brutal.

I always worry whenever I go ice skating – admittedly hardly ever – that if I fall over on the ice then I might get my finger cut off by someone else skating. Well, this video below is that incident magnified by a factor of about one million.

Over in Russia – ice hockey’s a big sport over there if you didn’t know – a player called Vitali Sitnikov was trying to play the puck but his actions meant that his opponent Ladislav Nagy ended up taking a tumble. This normally wouldn’t mean anything but amazingly Nagy flips over and the blades of his skate cut right across Sitnikov’s neck, effectively slitting his throat.

Fortunately Sitnikov’s first instincts are to get to the bench and sub himself off and put ice on it, and this could have saved his life as he’s quickly put on a stretcher and taken to hospital. Amazingly, he’s going to be OK after receiving several stitches. Phew.

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Brutal – it’s good news that he’s going to be OK though. For more freak sports accidents, check out this horrible horrible video of Russian weightlifting gone wrong.


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