Watch These Men Try And Guess How Many People A Bunch Of Women Have Shagged


I don’t think there are too many things that are more awkward than trying to guess how many people somebody has slept with – I don’t even think that’s something that ever really happens to be honest either – so it’s kind of surprising that the internet has taken so long to make a video of exactly that.

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Three seemingly random guys – one of whom describes himself as a player and looks like an extra from Jersey Shore – have been brought in for the exercise and the results are predictably awkward and weird. The video is just over ten minutes long which is kind of a lot for viral content, but trust me when I say that it’s well worth watching.

It’s actually a really good video because they keep the mystery going and you really want to see how it all pans out after hearing from all the girls. The guys that they got in to do it all play their roles perfectly too, especially the douchebag Situation wannabe.

There’s also a great section at the end where the women confront the guys about why they made the decision that they did which is perhaps even more awkward than the main part. Just great content basically.

Check it out below:

Lol I really did enjoy that. Love the way that the player was just a major creep that none of the girls liked at all and also really loved it when the old dude kept saying ‘hot suburban moms’ over and over again as he waited for the floor to swallow him up. How did any of these people even get roped into such a ridiculous situation?

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