Here’s What A Pornstar’s ‘Worst Day At Work’ Consists Of

Porn Stars

You think you had it bad?

You’re going to have to be a special kind of person to be a porn star as I imagine it’s a pretty intense environment to be working in as all you’re going to be doing all day is having sex whilst a whole bunch of people watch you. I don’t think most people reading this would be able to deal with that – I know I couldn’t.

Even if you can get past the very nature of the industry, then there’s still a hell of a lot more than can go wrong, as highlighted by these porn stars talking about their worst ever days on the job. Seriously, if you think a bunch of guy spunking over you and getting you in the eye or something is the worst thing that could happen in this job, then you need to think again. Some of these stories are absolutely horrible:

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Ouch. I don’t know which one of those is the worst, but that one with the nail sounds super painful. Definitely glad I’m not a porn star. No way.

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