Watch A Maskless Woman Threaten To Stab A KFC Employee When He Refuses To Serve Her


Another day, another crazy video of someone refusing to wear a mask in a public place and having a major meltdown when staff refuse to serve them.

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This time we’re over in America somewhere and a woman has stormed into KFC to demand some fried chicken and mashed potato. Unfortunately, she’s not wearing a mask and KFC are legally requiring people to do so in order to serve them, so the employee rightly refuses to serve her.

She obviously isn’t having this though and starts screaming and shouting and jumps on the counter and threatens to stab everyone working there if she doesn’t get her mashed potatoes and chicken. The poor guy can’t do anything and just meekly whimpers back at her that he’ll be fired if he serves her so can’t do anything.

It’s actually a legitimately terrifying reaction from the woman:

Geez they are definitely not paying these KFC employees enough to deal with people like that every day, although I’m hoping that this person is an anomaly and that most people are happy to wear their masks when they’re ordering their fried chicken. It does seem like we’ve been writing about an anti mask meltdown at least once a day for the past couple of months though, so I’m not so sure. Respect to everyone working in the service industry and having to deal with these idiots though.

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