Costco Tough Guy Starts On Elderly Woman Who Asked Him To Wear A Mask (VIDEO)

What a badass.

Another day, another mask-induced meltdown as a Florida man shopping at a Fort Myers Costco loses the plot on a woman who asked him to wear a mask and the man who defended her.

Notice the red “running the world since 1776” shirt he’s wearing – lol:

Wow, I don’t know about you but I’m quaking in my boots. Of course he can’t wear a mask, he has to wear his shades on the back of his head like an absolute badass! Screaming “I feel threatened!” in an old lady’s face at Cosco – lol. You couldn’t write that level of comedy.

Wonder if this moron believes the Revolutionary soldiers of 1776 that his T-shirt is celebrating would be proud to see him go into meltdown over being asked to wear a nice, soft breathable mask over his face in the middle of a global pandemic that is still taking lives worldwide. You know, just out of courtesy to others even if he really isn’t that bothered about himself.

Big up the Costco employees who apparently dealt with this guy quickly, and for the patience they have dealing with morons like this every day.

For the Indian businessman rocking a $4000 gold face mask during the pandemic, click HERE. What an absolute baller.


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