Watch A Maskless Woman Spit At A Waitrose Cashier And Yell ‘You’re Dead’

People suck.

You might have thought that people had actually got the memo about masks and started wearing them again without question now that we’re over halfway through a second lockdown, but it turns out that they haven’t and are still out there behaving completely and utterly awfully.

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This latest clip comes from Clapham Common in London where a woman was doing her shopping in Waitrose without wearing a mask. Amazingly, nobody really seemed that bothered about her not wearing a mask, but when her card was declined upon trying to pay, she decided to scream at the cashier and then spit at him, yelling that he was dead.

She then proceeds to storm out of the shop and take her anger out on a Christmas tree display on the way, before a Waitrose worker comes over to sort it out. You can see the video below and read what Waitrose had to say about it underneath that:

We are proud of the role that our Partners have played in keeping our customers supplied with food during this pandemic and their safety is our absolute priority.

We’re appalled that one of them was treated in this way by a customer and are giving them our support.

We can also confirm that the police have been contacted.

Yeah, I’m glad that the police have been contacted because the way this woman acted is completely unacceptable even if we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic – which obviously makes it ten times worse. If her card is declined and she’s sure she’s got money in her account, can’t she just walk outside and get some cash out to pay for it? Absolute nonsense behaviour from her. What an awful human being.

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