Watch A Maskless Woman Cough On Other Passengers After She’s Escorted Off A Plane

Here we go again.

Double whammy on the anti mask stories today as now we’re featuring some woman on a plane who actively coughed on other passengers as she was escorted off the plane without a mask. What the hell is wrong with some people?

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The woman was filmed on an EasyJet flight that was due to take off from Belfast to Edinburgh yesterday, but she was escorted off the plane swearing and coughing all over everyone when she straight up refused to wear a mask after flight attendants asked her too.  You can check out the footage of that incident below:

Jesus.  I suppose I get it that people don’t want to wear masks, but it seems ridiculous to expect to get on a flight where you’re required to wear one and just not put one and think that nothing will happen. There are enough of these videos and stories going around that it’s clear that there are going to be consequences to not following the rules, so I can’t comprehend why people are still acting like this? I guess that’s just 2020 though hey? So it goes.

For more of the same, check out these Brits who celebrated like school children when they were allowed onto a flight without masks. Pathetic.


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