Watch Mark ‘Chopper’ Read’s Final Interview Where He Casually Admits To Killing A Bunch Of People


Mark ‘Chopper’ Read is somewhat of a celebrity thanks to the movie of the same name, but this shouldn’t detract from the fact that he’s a stone cold killer and some of his crimes are absolutely horrific.

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What perhaps is even more worrying though is that he shows a complete lack of remorse for them during this, his final interview for Australia’s 60 minutes. Taken 16 days before his death from liver cancer, the interview sees him in a reflective mood, confessing in graphic detail how he killed four men.

It’s chilling stuff:

Damn. What an absolute piece of work – can’t believe how he just talks about these things like they’re no big deal at all, even though he’s literally ending people’s lives. Really eerie stuff from the killer.

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